Thinking Justice Podcast

Thinking Justice is a monthly podcast hosted by Zahra Stardust exploring cross-cutting issues in criminalisation, law reform, and social justice.

What does justice look like? Whose issues gain political traction and which communities are left behind? How can we best invest our energies and resources, balance asks for protection, recognition and distribution, and engage in law reform processes without being swallowed up by the system? If our criminal justice system isnít delivering justice at all, what alternatives exist? And instead of reacting to top-down policy, media headlines or electoral politics, how can we work together to nurture our long-term, generative, world-making projects that imagine justice beyond the terms of reference afforded to us by the state?

Join activists, academics and critical thinkers sharing their latest thought-provoking ideas about how we can learn from the past, identify potential pitfalls in our social movements, and build coalitions for intersectional change.