Dr. Zahra Stardust

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Dr Zahra Stardust is a socio-legal scholar working at the intersections of human rights, sexuality, public health, labour organising and criminal law.

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DIY Pornography

Revolutionary aspirations, counter cultures and worker co-operatives within capitalist economies.

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Pinkwashing Pornography

Ethical consumption in an age of tube monopolies, film piracy and concentrated wealth.

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Eat Sleep Strip Repeat

Behind the scenes of erotic labour, displaced sex and post-work politics.

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Subversion, Activism and Gender Play: The Underground Feminism of Erotic Performance

Beyond Burning Bras: Feminist Activism for Everyone (Praeger)

Critical Femininities, Fluid Sexualities and Queer Temporalities: Erotic performers on Objectification, Femmephobia and Oppression

Queer Sex Work (Routledge Studies on Crime and Society)

Queer Sex and the Law

Criminal Intimacies, Social Exclusion and (in)Justice in Australia’, Queer(y)ing Justice in the Global South, University of Sydney

Sex at the State. Criminalisation of Sexual Behaviour Worldwide

International Bar Association Conference. Tokyo.

Research, Ethics and Criminalised Activities

Critical Criminology and Social Justice Conference. UNSW Centre for Crime, Law and Justice.

A fortnightly podcast hosted by Zahra Stardust.

What does justice look like?

Whose issues gain political traction and which communities are left behind? How can we best invest our energies and resources without being swallowed up by the system? If our criminal justice system isnít delivering justice at all, what alternatives exist?

Join activists, academics and critical thinkers sharing their latest thought-provoking ideas about criminalisation, law reform, and social justice.

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